We believe that beauty starts from within

Developed by Elle Beauty Genius Award winner and Certified Crystal Healer, Mazz Hanna offers crystal-infused luxury skincare, crystal beauty tools, and crystal accessories that elevate your beauty and wellness routine. The Mazz Hanna brand was built on passion and integrity and all of our small-batch products are created based on the following principles:

Organic and cruelty free ingredients

We pride ourselves in using certified organic ingredients whenever possible as well as ensure that all of our products and ingredients are ALWAYS cruelty free. 

Our crystal infusions are not a gimmick

As a certified crystal healer, our founder Mazz Hanna thoughtfully selects each crystal for its healing properties that synergize with each product that they are paired with. Our crystals are ethically sourced from vendors and miners that we have longstanding relationships with. All of the crystals in our CBD products are blessed by a shaman under a full moon to supercharge their healing powers.

Lab tested to ensure quality and purity

We believe that transparency is the key to moving the CBD industry forward. All of our CBD products are tested by a third-party lab to ensure quality, purity, and correct CBD dosing. All tests and certifications are available upon request.