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Nail Art Brush Set

This vegan nail art brush collection is inspired by sparkly magic wands from Mazz Hanna's childhood. The collection includes three brushes that everyone should have in their nail art arsenal: a small detail brush, medium detail brush, and clean up brush.

Durable nylon brush fibers allow for ultimate control and precision. Tightly fitting cap protects brushes when not in use. Sparkly handle features mesmerizing glitter suspended in liquid.

Cuticle Oil

NEW BEAUTY 2019 Award Winner "Best Cuticle Oil"

This award-winning formula is a nourishing blend of organic jojoba and hempseed oils and Vitamin E to promote optimal nail health and growth. Lavender and geranium essential oils help to heal cracked cuticles.

Amethyst, the stone of breaking bad habits, conveniently takes shape as a roller ball to help you fight the urge to bite or pick nails and cuticles

0.34 Fl. Oz | 10 mL

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