Celebrity Nail Artist Mazz Hanna On Why She Uses CBD

Before professional nail artist Mazz Hanna was beautifying the hands of stars like Julia Roberts, Constance Wu, and Alison Brie, she worked in advertising for over a decade. That is, until she had a full-blown panic attack. “After that happened, it forced me to take stock of what’s important in life, which is what propelled me to make a significant change,” says Hanna. “I didn’t give a shit about the advertising money anymore, and I decided that my time on this planet had a much higher valuation than the salary I was being paid.” Hanna realized her passion lay in nail care and art, as well as crystal healing, so she went to school and got certified. Now, Hanna is adorning celebrity nails with crystals and spreading her love of CBD with her eponymous brand of beauty products.