Tiger's Eye


Tiger’s Eye is a healing gemstone of vitality, clarity and energy. It stimulates the first through third chakras to help you remain powerfully grounded, calm, and centered. It sharpens and whets the intellect and strengthens your motivation and willpower while  pushing away fear and anxieties. It's an excellent stone for creatives and public speakers. 


Tiger's Eye is particularly useful for promoting mental clarity, dispelling fear and anxiety. It's also an excellent stone for strengthening the endocrine system and bringing hormones into balance.


Carry your stone with you to inspire a creative solution when facing a problem or creative block, or when speaking in front of a large group.

Each stone will vary in shape, size, appearance and color. All sales are final on these crystals.

All crystals come in a signature Mazz Hanna drawstring bag

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Due to natural formations in the stones, each stone will be unique and vary in size and color from the picture that is listed.

"Having crystals on my nails did remind me that I needed a little grounding in life — plus, my nails looked fresh as hell, so I'd call it a win-win"


"Just as the scent of lavender makes people feel relaxed and calm, seeing the hue on your nails has a similar effect,"

Mazz Hanna to New Beauty Magazine