Rosasite with Dolomite

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Rosasite with Dolomite is a magical combination that’s excellent for relieving anxiety and stress. Rosasite enhances your intuition, allowing you to speak your truth and encourages you to trust in your intuitions. Dolomite lends a calming and serene energy. It can help you to appreciate the little things and helps you to identify the small miracles on your path to your higher self. It allows you to detach yourself from unnecessary drama and regain centeredness. Due to the rarity of this stone, each stone will vary in shape, size, appearance and color. All sales are final on these crystals. All crystals come in a signature Mazz Hanna drawstring bag.

It is believed that Rosasite with Dolomite can support the healing of broken bones and prevent bone loss. It is also believed to balance metabolism and appetite to support natural weight management.

Place this crystal around your home and areas where you meditate and or manifest.