Think of Kyanite as dialysis for your aura—it helps flow the negative energy out, and ensures that only positive energy gets back in. Kyanite stimulates your throat chakra and can enhance psychic abilities, making it an excellent stone for communication, especially for people who may be experiencing a disagreement. Next time you’re experiencing a disagreement, consider holding a piece of Kyanite to help ease the conversation and come to an amicable solution.

Due to the rarity of this stone, each stone will vary in shape, size, appearance and color. All sales are final on these crystals. 

Kyanite is believed to help bridge the energy gaps caused by bone breakage, surgery, and other trauma, and may assist in reestablishing nerves around the trauma site.

Lay on your back with a piece of Kyanite in each palm. Imagine the energy of your auric field swirling around your body like a whirlpool, with your physical body safe and comfortable, floating in the center. Now imagine that this whirlpool, is blue, but it has debris that needs to be filtered out. Imagine with each swirl and pass of the water around your body and through the kyanite in your palms, the water becomes clearer and clearer. Once you are able to visualize that the water is crystal clear, gently end your meditation. Anytime you feel that your aura is blocked or that your mind isn’t functioning to the best of its ability, repeat this exercise.

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