Clear Quartz Palm Stone


Known as the "master healer,” Clear Quartz amplifies positive energy and thought, as well as absorbs, stores, releases and regulates negative energy. It's also great for balancing and revitalizing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile crystals in the crystal kingdom, and is an excellent stone for programming with an intention.


As an immune and circulatory system stimulator, it can be extremely useful to treat a multitude of conditions, such as migraines, vertigo, and motion sickness. It also aids in the growth of fingernails and hair and is also believed to assist with metabolism and weight loss.


To program with an intention, place the stone in the palm of your hand and focus on what you'd like to transfer to the crystal, and imagine it illuminated with active energy. As an element in the home, place the crystal in your window sill and allow the sun's positive radiation to be pulled in.

Each stone will vary in shape, size, appearance and color. All sales are final on these crystals.

All crystals come in a signature Mazz Hanna drawstring bag

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Due to natural formations in the stones, each stone will be unique and vary in size and color from the picture that is listed.

"Having crystals on my nails did remind me that I needed a little grounding in life — plus, my nails looked fresh as hell, so I'd call it a win-win"


"Just as the scent of lavender makes people feel relaxed and calm, seeing the hue on your nails has a similar effect,"

Mazz Hanna to New Beauty Magazine