Pink Tourmaline

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Pink Tourmaline is the quintessential stone of the heart chakra. It’s unsurpassed as a stone to aid in healing old emotional wounds, particularly those from childhood. It emanates a soft, soothing energy that offers overwhelming feelings of comfort, safety, and nurturance - kind of like a warm mom-hug for your chakras. Pink Tourmaline can be used to repair holes in the auric field created by negative attachments or past abuse. Carrying Pink Tourmaline in your pocket or purse can help relieve worry, anxiety, depression and release stress. It can help the emotionally “numb” recover their passion and zest for life. Due to the rarity of this stone, each stone will vary in shape, size, appearance and color. All sales are final on these crystals. All crystals come in a signature Mazz Hanna drawstring bag.

Pink Tourmaline is believed to assist with heart issues such as angina, irregular heartbeat and heart attack recovery.

Place Pink Tourmaline in a central area within your home, or simply hold it close to your body to fill yourself with loving thoughts and energy.

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