Manifestation Geode

With thousands of little crystal points directing their energy into what you are trying to manifest, this geode is the ultimate manifestation tool. Each geode includes directions for use and a drawstring bag to keep your geode safe while traveling.


Cleanse: Cleanse your geode by running under cool water to remove any residual earth. Place in direct sunlight for a few hours to dry and charge

Intend: At dusk, sit in meditation with your geode and visualize your intention. Write it down on a small piece of paper, fold up, and place inside of geode.

Act: Live as if your manifestation has already been realized, and rest assured knowing that the crystal points inside of the geode are directing their powerful energy into what you are manifesting.

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Due to natural formations in the stones, each stone will be unique and vary in size and color from the picture that is listed.

"Having crystals on my nails did remind me that I needed a little grounding in life — plus, my nails looked fresh as hell, so I'd call it a win-win"


"Just as the scent of lavender makes people feel relaxed and calm, seeing the hue on your nails has a similar effect,"

Mazz Hanna to New Beauty Magazine